3 Signs That Your Restaurant Grease Trap Needs To Be Cleaned


Having your restaurant's grease trap cleaned regularly is important. Right now, you might have it done on a schedule. However, there could be a chance that it needs to be done even more regularly than you think. These are a few signs that now is the time to look into having your restaurant grease trap cleaned.

1. The Water Is Flowing Slowly

One of the first signs that you can look for when determining if your grease trap needs to be cleaned is to determine if the water is flowing down the drain slowly. If there are no clogs or problems, the water should flow quickly and easily. As your grease trap becomes too full, however, you might find that water "stands" in the sink, even when there is no visible clog, or that the water goes down much more slowly than usual. In many cases, having your grease trap cleaned will help eliminate this problem. If not, you may want to work with a commercial plumber who has experience in doing work in restaurants.

2. You Notice an Odor

Another common sign that your grease traps needs to be cleaned is if there is an odor. Basically, this odor can come from the accumulation of grease, oil, food particles and other items that can build up in your grease trap and plumbing. At first, the odor might be subtle, but if the grease trap becomes too clogged, it can become much stronger and more offensive. Cleaning out the grease trap is a great way to get rid of the odor and prevent other problems as well.

3. You Aren't Careful About What Goes in the Drain

One good way to prevent your grease trap from becoming clogged up is to be careful about what goes in your drain. If you and your employees aren't careful about scraping plates, then there is a chance that food and grease could build up inside of the grease trap. This could lead to it having to be cleaned much more frequently. Being careful about what goes in your drain can help you avoid having to have your grease trap cleaned as frequently in the future, however.

As you can see, there are various signs that you can look for when determining whether or not your grease trap needs to be cleaned. If you notice any of these things, you may want to consider looking into having your grease trap cleaned, even if it's not your scheduled time to do so yet. Contact a company like AAA Cesspool & Rooter Service to learn more.


7 March 2017

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