Backed Up Plumbing, A Soggy Line And Failing Tanks: 3 Tips To Help You Avoid Some Of The Worst Septic System Problems


Over the years, lack of maintenance and outdated septic tanks eventually fail. When you begin to have problems with your septic system, you will need to have repairs, improvements, and maintenance done. There are some improvements and repairs that will help prevent the most common problems with septic systems. Here are some tips that will help you avoid septic system failures and the plumbing headaches that come with these problems:

1. Frequent Pumping and Servicing of Septic Tanks

Regular pumping of septic tanks is one of the most important things that you can do to avoid damage to your tank. It is essential to have the tanks serviced every few years, and sometimes even more frequently. You will want to have your septic tank pumped more frequently if the system is too small for your home. The number of people living in your home directly affects problems with your septic system, which you will want to have it pumped more frequently if you have a full house. Additions that have been added to your home after the septic tank can also effect pumping schedules because systems are often designed for smaller homes with fewer inhabitants.

2. Retrofitting with Liners and Installing Alarm Systems

Old septic systems often have concrete tanks, which are notorious for degrading and having problems with leaks. If the inside of the tank and the structure of the tank is still in good shape, sometimes it can be retrofitted with a liner. The liner helps protect against leaks and reduces the deterioration problems with concrete. In addition to a liner, consider having an alarm installed, which will alert you when the tank becomes too full and there is a problem that requires servicing of the tank.  An alarm is an affordable solution to help avoid some of the more serious septic system problems.

3. Drain Field Improvements and Replacements

The tank is not the only component of your septic system. The drain field is another component of septic systems that may require servicing or repairs. For older tanks, the drain field is often a single drainage line, which can be improved by adding more drain field lines and a distribution box.

Whether the problem is clogged drains, soggy lawns or a failing septic system, good maintenance routines help prevent these problems. Contact a septic system contractor like Gotta Go Green to help with the improvements and repairs to avoid these problems with your septic system. 


21 July 2017

Exploring Septic System Maintenance and Repairs

Hello, my name is Jon. After buying my home, I was uncertain about how to maintain the septic system. I called a septic service company to come inspect the tank and lines to further discuss the required maintenance and repair needs of the system. After the inspection, the septic company informed me that the tank was full and needed to be pumped out. Worn components were in need of replacement as well. As a result of my diligence, I was able to avoid system failure and protect my septic system from damage. I hope to use this site to help others avoid a similar septic emergency. Thank you.