Gardening Near A Septic System


If you own a septic tank, you may be wondering if there is something that you can do with the space where the septic tank is located. The good news is that you can plant a garden in the area where the septic tank is located. Not only are you allowed to garden, but it is actually beneficial. The plants contribute to oxygen exchange and also allow the moisture in the area to evaporate more quickly. Also, since plants help to control erosion, it is a good idea to plant meadow grass or turf grass near the drain field. However, it is important to select the right plants.

Protecting Your Septic System From Roots

The only concern regarding plants near a septic system is the problem of plants that have long root systems. These plants can clog pipes and cause a septic system to overflow. Therefore, it is important to plant shallow-rooted plants. Grasses are usually perfectly fine and there are also shallow-rooted annuals and perennials that may be planted. 

Trees and shrubs should not be planted near a septic system. They are much more likely to have root systems that interfere with the plumbing and drainfield. However, smaller trees and holly bushes are less likely to cause problems then woody shrubs and large trees. Planting the wrong things in the wrong places can lead to expensive damages. It is also important to consider that some plants are aggressive and may spread near the septic system and it may be difficult to manage them.

​Growing Fruits And Vegetables 

Vegetable gardens are not recommended, unless you are not intending to eat the vegetables. As the vegetable plants grow and search for water, they will encounter wastewater and these plants may become infected with pathogens. The pathogens would then infect those who consume the vegetables. To avoid contaminating your vegetables, find out the location of your drain field. Then, place stakes within ten feet of where your drain field is located and you may plant a vegetable garden beyond this area. Once you have planted your vegetable gardens, you may remove the drain stakes. However, whenever you plant new vegetables, it is recommended that you locate the drain field again.

Above-ground crops, such as fruit trees, are less likely to become contaminated by septic systems. However, these trees are also more likely to have roots that cause damage to the septic system. 

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12 August 2017

Exploring Septic System Maintenance and Repairs

Hello, my name is Jon. After buying my home, I was uncertain about how to maintain the septic system. I called a septic service company to come inspect the tank and lines to further discuss the required maintenance and repair needs of the system. After the inspection, the septic company informed me that the tank was full and needed to be pumped out. Worn components were in need of replacement as well. As a result of my diligence, I was able to avoid system failure and protect my septic system from damage. I hope to use this site to help others avoid a similar septic emergency. Thank you.