Keeping The Plumbing System Functional In A Restaurant


Restaurant plumbing systems are some of the the easiest to get clogged up because food is handled each business day. A few crumbs down the drains on a regular basis might not seem harmful, but they might actually be accumulating in the pipes without your knowledge. Improperly disposing of grease is one of the fastest ways for a plumbing system to become problematic. Changes must be made in your restaurant if you are tired of dealing with the plumbing system having problems. This article explains some of the changes that might need to be made to keep your plumbing system functional.

1. Put Rules in Place for Your Employees

Frequent plumbing system problems is a sign that your employees might be placing the wrong things down the drains. For instance, neglecting to remove crumbs before dishes are washed can lead to plumbing line problems. It is also possible that your employees are pouring grease down the drains. Put rules in places that makes it mandatory for your employees to not allow food and grease to get into the plumbing lines. Make sure the rules are strictly enforced and that prompt action is taken if they are broken.

2. Don't Slack on Cleaning the Grease Trap

The grease trap in your restaurant should never be left dirty for a long period of time. When grease isn't removed, it increases the risk of excess grease making it through the plumbing lines and sticking to the sides. The grease basically accumulates over time and eventually leads to frequent clogs in the system that must be removed. Keep in mind that there might also be laws in your state that makes it mandatory for the grease trap to be cleaned at least a few times per year. Pay a professional company like AAA Pumping Service to send someone to clean the trap rather than leaving the task to your employees, as it must be done thoroughly.

3. Occasionally Get the Plumbing System Jet Lined

Jet lining a plumbing system is a great way to prevent grease and debris from building up in the lines in massive amounts. Jet lining equipment can break up even the toughest type of debris that is in the plumbing system lines. Try to get the lines cleaned several times per year as a preventative maintenance measure. For example, don't wait until problems arise before the lines are cleaned. A plumber can be called each time that you want the lines cleaned with jetting equipment, especially if you don't want to buy your own.


13 September 2017

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