Where's The Sewer Problem?


Any clogging or backing up of the drains in the kitchen or bathroom is a problem. For a house to function properly, the toilets, tubs and sinks must work. Where there's a problem at any point in the sewer and plumbing system of the house, you'll be affected. But even if you've contacted a sewer drain repair professional, as you wait for them to arrive you may wonder where the real problem is actually located. Some plumbing and sewer issues are listed below; one or more of them could be the main problem.

1-Sewer Drain Line Clog

If you first thought you had a run of the mill clog and could clear it quickly--only to find that the clog seemed to come back over and over again, you may be puzzled. Even if you've removed a pipe underneath the sink to see if there was an obstruction you could reach with a regular auger, you might have seen nothing. The trouble could end up being far further down the line.

The main sewer line that all of the pipes and drains lead to can itself become obstructed. You wouldn't be able to find anything in the sink drain or many of the pipes because the main line is typically located near the rear of a house. There is, luckily, a visible clear out sewer drain is in your yard. It should protrude just a bit from the ground and have a marked cap to say what it is. You or a professional should have better luck inserting augers or otherwise solving the problem from there. At times, sewer cameras will assist in identifying the obstruction so guessing is not necessary. Then the sewer drain line can be repaired and cleared.

2-Broken Pipe

If your main line is okay, there could yet remain problems with some pipes. This is sometimes caught by a sewer camera; sometimes tree roots or soil just gets into a weak or old pipe. Repairs must of course be done to continue.

3-Full Septic Tank

Even if you haven't yet noticed backup coming out of your drains indoors yet, a stench may exist that could clue you in to a problem with the septic tank itself. If it's too full of solids because there isn't enough bacteria or it simply hasn't been drained, an expert is needed. The tank needs to drain out to the sewer, and if that isn't happening, it could overflow back into your kitchen or bathrooms. Draining is required frequently.

Plumbing and sewer issues are common, and if you're dealing with one of these problems, the lines must be drained and cleaned out. Have patience while the professional identifies the specific trouble so that all lines can drain properly  through the sewer drain main line and through the septic tank as they should


17 February 2018

Exploring Septic System Maintenance and Repairs

Hello, my name is Jon. After buying my home, I was uncertain about how to maintain the septic system. I called a septic service company to come inspect the tank and lines to further discuss the required maintenance and repair needs of the system. After the inspection, the septic company informed me that the tank was full and needed to be pumped out. Worn components were in need of replacement as well. As a result of my diligence, I was able to avoid system failure and protect my septic system from damage. I hope to use this site to help others avoid a similar septic emergency. Thank you.