Buying A Home In Massachusetts? Avoid Losing Big On Resale Value By Checking Your Title 5 Inspection For This


Do you have your eye on a house in Massachusetts? If that house has a private septic system, the buyer is required by law to have a title 5 septic tank inspection done before they can sell you their home. You're required to receive a copy of this report upon completion, and when you do, pay close attention to the line on the form that explains how many bedrooms the septic tank is rated for.

10 November 2015

3 Mistakes Septic Tank Users Should Never Make After A Flood


If you have a septic tank, mistakes you make in the aftermath of a flood can cause serious problems for both you and your septic system. Here are three things that you should never do following a flood. Continuing to flush the toilets When your septic tank is working properly, the wastewater from your home drains into the septic tank in your backyard. Solid waste settles to the bottom of the tank, and liquid waste flows out into your drain field for further processing.

3 November 2015