5 Substances To Avoid Dumping Down Your Drain If You Have A Septic System


There are many items that homeowners should not pour down their drains or flush down their toilets simply because they can clog the pipes in a home. However, if you utilize a septic system as opposed to a public sewage system, you need to be especially diligent about what items you flush down your toilet or send down your drain. This is because septic systems operate on a smaller scale than sewage lines and can easily become clogged or full before your scheduled pumping.

7 October 2016

Sump Pump 101: Installing Your Pump In Your Basement Or Crawl Space


If you don't have a sump pump in your home, you may be wondering two things. Do you need a sump pump and how do you install it? Here are some signs that you might need a sump pump and some tips for your install if you do. Who Needs a Sump Pump? There are two places that people put sump pumps: the basement and the crawl space. If you have a basement or a crawl space that has never flooded, you're probably okay.

23 March 2016